The Rivington Pike Fell Race provides competitors and spectators alike with long lasting memories and evoking and iconic images of this special celebration.

 The Pike Tower can be seen proudly standing at the 'Pike's' summit from miles around, but this is the welcome view each competitor recieves as they haul themselves up the last few rocky steps of the climb, before taking a tour round the back of the tower, then embarking upon the descent, which for the leaders will be taken at 'breakneck' speed. On race day, either side of the rocky path leading to the summit will be packed with enthusiastic, cheering spectators. This creates a wonderful atmosphere, helping the athletes on to faster times.


1920's 'Pike racers' were cheered on to the lever park finish by thousands of spectators, as the  photo (right) showing Pat Campbell winning the 1929 race clearly illustrates the popularity of the 'Rivington Pike'. You can see the summit of the 'pike' in the background underlining what a challenge the race provides to all participants.



  Over 60 years on, Paul Dugdale (No.183) shown above flanked by his fellow competitors after a highly competitve edition of the 'Pike race' in 1991. This was to be Dugdale's final appearance at the Rivington Pike Fell Race whilst in top form as he decided to concentrate on Cross country and Track running thereafter. His 6 successive victories is a Modern day record in the pike race. Pictured from L. to R: Mark Croasdale, Colin Donnelly, Dugdale, Kieth Anderson and Craig Robert's. 





 Ladies 'pike racers' pictured after the 1991race.It was Janet Kenyon's(centre) first of 3 pike wins, with 2 other regular 'front end' pike racers Jackie Smith (left) and Kath Drake.



'Historic Pike racer' and record holder of Nine 'Pike' titles, the legendary Pat Campbell can be seen recieving his trophy after another win in the 1930 race. His father (moustache and flat cap) proudly watches on.







Another great shot showing Geoff North taking the 1959 title in a new record, which at the time was the first sub 17 minute performance, which was again cheered on by horde's of clapping spectators. 1959 proved to be a successful season for North, where he also collected the Inter-counties XC title amonst many other accolades.