This page of my website shows all of my personal Birmingham League XC results throughout my running career dating back from the 1990-91 season through to the 2003-04 season.

The Birmingham Cross Country league has always been one of the premier XC league races since it began way back in the 1920's, and it has seen many international standard athletes grace it's fields over the years. I will always remember the first 'Brum league' I ever went to watch in 1988, where the athletes seemed like they were sprinting all the way, with the eventual winner Craig Mochrie coming home infront of a host of top runners who I had admired since starting out as a 12 year old at Birchfield Harriers. One of my burning ambitions in running as I progressed through the running ranks was one day, to actually win a Birmingham League race and emulate some of my childhood heroes that had achieved success by winning a 'Brum league' race. Although in the early days it was more of a dream rather than an achieveable goal, which later turned into a much more realistic goal as I improved over the years, and probably as the standard of the competition weakened from the earlier competions I had participated in as a Junior and young Senior, where the competition was fiece at the front end and even down into the lower positions. Unfortunately It was a feat I never quite achieved, and one which I still regret nowadays, although I did get fairly close on a couple of occasions, but not quite close enough!! I also achieved second overal individual twice throughout the seasons of 1998 & 2002. Although, I know there will be many a higher standard athlete than I ever was in exactly the same 'runner's-up' situation, as the League often saw fields that included several top International runners, with maybe up to 20-30 sub 30 minute 10k runners all battling it out for supremacy each Saturday afternoon, with the winning athlete always in the region of 28 minutes standard for 10k. Following athletes of the standard of Ian Stewart, Basil Heatley, Dave Moorcroft etc, etc would be a phalanx of extremely fast cross country, road and track men all in close attendance. Although, sadly over more recent years the standard, as in many of our club league races has dwindled a little, the Birmingham League still represents a good standard of competition where winning athletes still hold great prestige amongst their fellow athletes, with races still hotly contested by many of the best of today's generation.

And so onto my own personal record in Birmingham League races which saw me take part in 35 races, from starting out as a young seventeen year old in 1990 through to the 2003-04 season which was the last year I competed in this great XC League. I have noted the competition date along with the venue, followed by my position and race time, and finally the winner and his race time. Starting off in 85th on my debut, I progressed to a best of 2nd twelve years on, but that elusive win never quite came my way! All of the full results to these races and many more can be found on the Birmingham League XC website at


My personal BIRMINGHAM LEAGUE X/C record

3/11/90 - Stourport (85th)-31:45......1st Mark Dalloway (Stour)-28:20

19/1/91 - Coundon (Cov) (66th)-28:59.......1st John Hartigan (Tip)-25:58

2/11/91- Aldersley (W&B) (67th)-32:06.......1st  Mark Dalloway (Stour)-29:09

23/11/91 - Cofton Park (56th)-31:12.......1st Mark Dalloway (Stour)-28:28

18/1/92 - Coundon (Cov) (80th)-28:28......1st Paul O'Callaghan (W&B)-25:21

15/2/92 - Telford (42nd)-34:54.......1st Dave Payne (Tip)-32:15

7/11/92 - Princethorpe (Rug) (DNF) Sprained ankle whilst in 40th position at end of second lap of 3.......1st Mark Dalloway (Stour)

23/1/93 - Alexander St. (39th)-32:12.......1st Rob Whalley (Stoke)-29:52

13/2/93 - Telford (27th)-33:07.......1st Alan Jackson (Stour)-31:30

27/11/93 - Cofton Park (61st)-35:28.......1st Mark Dalloway (Stour)-32:22

22/1/94 - Coundon (Cov) (29th)-28:55.......1st Paul Davies-Hale (C&S)-26:46

19/2/94 - Alexander St. (15th)-31:31.......1st Rob Whalley (Stoke)-30:25

21/1/95 - Coundon (Cov) (12th)-29:44.......1st Adrian Passey (B&R)-27:53

18/2/95 - Alexander St. (18th)-31.11.......1st Glynn Tromans (Cov)-29:40

4/11/95 - Aston Uni fields (19th)-27:53.......1st Glynn Tromans (Cov)-26:23

25/11/95 - Sutton Park (19th)-31:35.......1st Darrius Burrows (Birch)-30:00

24/2/96 - Alexander St. (12th)-31:19.......1st Dave Payne (Tip)-30:35

1/11/96 - Stoke (DNF)-Felt awful - full of cold .......1st Steffan White (Cov)

22/11/96 - Telford (16th)-30:36.......1st Hagai Chepkwony (B&R)-29:21

1/11/97 - Sutton Park (8th)-30:51.......1st Spencer Barden (Lough)-30:10

22/11/97 - Telford (9th)-30:45.......1st Matt Vaux-Harvey (Stour)-29:49

17/1/98 - Coundon (Cov) (12th)-28:14.......1st Matt O'Dowd (Lough)-27:24

14/2/98 - Cheltenham (9th)-28:30.......1st Rob Whalley (Stoke)-27:37

28/11/98 - Leamington (9th)-34:26.......1st Matt O'Dowd (Lough)-32:37

6/11/99 - Sennelleys Park (10th)-36:46.......1st Steffan White (Cov)-35:11

4/12/99 - Cheltenham (6th)-28:27.......1st Matt Smith (Tip)-27:29

18/3/2000 - Alexander St. (5th)-30:26.......1st Matt Dixon (Lough)-30:16

4/11/2000 - Sennelleys Park (13th)-37:50.......1st Rob Birchall (Birch)-35:15

13/1/2001 - Coundon (Cov) (14th)-28:04.......1st Mark Dalkins (Stoke)-27:08

3/11/2001 - Senelleys Park (11th)-35:50.......1st Glynn Tromans (Cov)-33:47

1/12/2001 - Alexander St. (3rd)-31:29.......1st Danny Rowan (Tip)-31:16

16/3/2002 - Leek (2nd)-27:39.......1st Mark Dalkins (Birch)-27:26

30/11/2002 - Gloucester (50th)-35:20......1st Matt Vaux-Harvey (Stour)-32:20

11/1/2003 - Princethorpe (Rug) (22nd)-34:43...1st Mark Miles (Lough)-33:10

7/2/2004 - Leek (18th)-30:14.......1st Phil Hinch (Tip)-28:39


With 22 'top 20's', 9 'top 10's' and 4 'top 6's', my performances overal were not too bad in the league. There were some good performances amongst the 35 appearance's I made, along with a couple of 'stinkers', with my best result, I feel coming in the 2000 season at Alexander Stadium, when on 'home soil' I finished a close 5th recording the same time as 3rd placed Darrius Burrows, and 4th placed Dave Mitchinson in a 'blanket' finish where they both just held of my final sprint for the line. My highest position of 2nd in the league actually came off the back of a long period of injury, but fortunately for me the race was held over tough, steep terrain at Leek which suited me at the time, and so I managed a decent result in the end.