previous page has shown Birchfield's best 'Long' & 'Short' stage
athletes over the past 4 decades of National 12-stage racing. This page concentrates on the 'All-Time' legends of Sutton Park.It is a 'Tribute' to the fastest men over the two loops and as you will see, reads a 'who's who' of British distance running...Enjoy!!

Pictured above are some of the 'Gods' of Sutton Park. From top left working clockwise...Bernie Ford (7), Dave Moorcroft (385), 'Long haired' Nick Rose (746), Glynn Tromans (red & white vest), Paul Evans (708), Ian Stewart (380), Rob Denmark (699) and finally Jack Buckner (418).

Here are the 'All-Time' long stage rankings on the current National 12-stage course from 1974 to the current day where all of the above athletes feature prominently. The information obtained for these lists has only been possible with the results supplied by Chris Holloway of Tipton Harriers. All of the results can be found on the Tipton harriers website on Chris's brilliant 12 stage 'stats' files.
*Please note, I thought it might be interesting to note the athletes track p.b's (in RED brackets) and some of their 'Half' and full Marathons where applicable just to remind us of their calibre! Each have truely been World Class performers over many distances as we can see...

'All-Time'  long stage rankings up to 25:00...
1.Dave Moorcroft (Cov Godiva)-24:27 (1982)...(3:32/3:49,7:32,13:00)

Dave Moorcroft later in the 1982 season went on to smash Henry Rono's World 5000m record by an astonishing 6 seconds, just going to show how good his Sutton Park best is!! His time of 13:00.41 was only beaten by Morrocco's distance running legend Said Aaouita who only nipped Moorcroft's mark by the narrowest of margins of 1/100th of a second, again proving what a formidable athlete the quietly spoken Coventry Godiva athlete was.

2. Brendan Foster (Gateshead)-24:28 (1974)...(3:37/3:55,7:35,13:14,27:30)

Leading 'Long Stage' runners, from L. to R...25:00 man Dave Black, Mick McCleod, 24:45 performer Bernie Ford and 2nd on the 'all time' list with 24:28, Brendan Foster. Also pictured right of shot is 27:43 10k man Tony Simmons. The pic shows a 'five way' battle for the 1977 National XC title which Foster eventually came out as champion in just edging Bernie Ford by a single second to lift his only National XC crown.
Right, Rob Denmark shown tearing up the Sutton Park roads en route to his fantastic 24:30 'Long stage time in the 1994 12-Stage.

3. Rob Denmark (Basildon)-24:30 (1994)...(3:37/3:55,7:39,13:10,28:03)
4. Nick Rose (Bristol)-24:36 (1979)...(3:57,7:40,13:18,27:31,61:03)

5.Ian Stewart (Tipton)-24:38 (1978)...(3:38/3:57,7:46,13:22,27:43,45:13-road 10m)
6. Bernie Ford (AFD)-24:45 (1975)...(13:26,27:43,2:10:51)
7. Eamonn Martin (Basildon)-24:47 (1989)...(3:59,7:40,13:17,27:23,2:10:50)

eq.8. Allister Hutton (Edinburgh Southern)-24:50 (1982)...(27:59,2:09:16) & Richard Nerurkar (Bingley)24:50 (1996)...(13:23,27:40,61:06,2:08:36)

eq.10. Julian Goater (Shafts Barnet)-24:51 (1979)...(13:15,27:34) & Jack Buckner (Charnwood)24:51 (1985)...(3:35/3:51,7:40,13:10,28:03 road 10k,also ran a 13:32 'short leg' in Mids 12-stage 1985)

12. Andrew Pearson (Longwood)-24:52 (1997)...(XC specialist taking European Bronze. 28:21 road 10k)

13. Steve Jones (Bristol)-24:53(1980)...(13:18,27:39,10KR27:59,60:59,2:07:13)

eq.14. Steve Kenyon (Bolton)-24:54 (1979)...(Last British winner of Great North Run, road times...28:18,46:43,61:31,2:11:40) & Justin Hobbs (Cardiff)-24:54 (1995)...(28:17)

Two 'long stage' heroes pictured above left, Nick Rose (21) & Julian Goater (9). Both were very close to the 27:30 mark for 10,000m with Sutton Park bests of 24:36 & 24:51 respectively! Pictured right is 24:54 'long leg' man Steve Kenyon. The Bolton athlete was the last Britain to win the famous Great North Run and held some pretty useful p.b's as you can see above...

16. Steve harris (Shafts Barnet)-24:56 (1983)...(27:59, 27:56 road 10k, 62:08)

17. Paul Evans (Belgrave)-24:58 (1990)...(13:25,27:47,46:35,61:18,2:08:52)
eq.18. Tony Milovsorov (Tipton)-24:59 (1986)...(13:30,28:27,2:09:54) & Glynn Tromans (Cov Godiva)-24:59 (1997)...(28:21,3 times National XC Champ)

eq.20. Barry Smith (Gateshead)-25:00 (1986)... (3:57,7:49,13:21,28:06,28:01 road 10k) & Dave Black (Small Heath)-25:00 (1976)...(7:46,13:23,27:36)

Pictured from L. to R. above in 'Black & White'...Allister Hutton (41), Steve Ovett (14)  racing Bernie Ford (6), Ethiopian legend 'Yifter the shifter' (8) and rear of shot Dave Black, Barry Smith (14) and Brendan Foster (804).

Pictured above in these two great shots are left (No.18) Steve Jones and right (splashing through the mud in the 1989 National XC-No.150 Eamonn Martin). Both were winners of the London Marathon in their career's with both men also holding fast times around Sutton Park's 'long stage' of 24:53 & 24:47 respectively. Indeed, Martin ran a remarkable 25:13 just a week after winning the 1993 London Marathon in 2:10:50 just going to show the class of the Basildon strong man.

Three good shots of three great runners who eventually excelled at the Marathon, shown above from left to right: 2:08:53 man Paul Evans, 2:09:54 performer Tony Milovsorov (44M) on his way to a 26:00 clocking only six days after his 2:09 marathon at London!, and right 2:08:36 man and Olympic 4th placer Richard Nerurkar. All three men have also excelled around Sutton Park with all being members of the elusive 'Sub 25:00' club.

As we can see, there are a total of 21 athletes who have achieved a mark of 25 Minutes flat or under around the undulating 5.44
Miles Sutton Park long stage, and what an illustrious list of names it
throws up, and just note their other p.b's!! It must also be worth noting that a
time of 25:00 equates to 4:36 per mile(which incidentally is sub 13:50
'short leg' pace!). Moorcroft's lap record of 24:27 is no less than 4:29 miling which would bring him round a short loop in under 13:30, and then maintain this speed  for a further 4km!

There are also some extremely strong athletes who have just missed the 25:00 'long stage' barrier over the years, so I have dedicated this part of my website to them. Here are the 25:01 to 25:30 men...
'All -Time' Long stage rankings 25:01 to 25:30....
22.Steve Anders (St.Helens)-25:03 (1986)...(13:36,28:26,5M road22:47,10k28:28)

eq.23 Keith Cullen (Chelms)-25:04 (1995)...(7:53,13:17,27:50,8:26 S'Chase,5KR13:31,10KR28:38(U23),62:11,2:13:37)

One of the top athletes to just miss the 25:00 barrier is Chelmsford's,
and later Highgate's Olympic athlete Keith Cullen. The 27:50 10,000m
runner is pictured right (No.51) on his way to beating 24:52 'long stager' Longwood's Andrew Pearson
(No.69) in the 1996 World X/Country Trials. The two athletes had been close rivals over the country since their 'youth' & 'junior' days where they had fought many close battles. As Seniors this rivalry continued including a battle to the line in the 1996 European XC Championships where Pearson just had the upper hand on Cullen to hang on for the Bronze medal with Cullen in 4th spot. They were backed up by John Brown in 6th for a good day for the Great Britain men's X/C team. Pictured above left: Cullen in World Champs 5000m action in Seville. He boasts a career best of 13:17 over the 5000m distance to go along with his fast 10,000m time, along with a 2:13 marathon performance.

eq.23.Craig Mochrie (Leic Corit's)-25:04 (1988)...(3:59,7:54,13:26)

eq.23.Paul Jenkins (Newp)-25:04 (88)

eq.23.Geoff Turnbull (Gates)-25:04 (1988)...(3:39.3:57,7:45,13:21,10k road 28:28)

27.John Woods (L'Pool)-25:06 (1986)...1988 Irish Olympian (13:36,2:11:30)

eq.28.Colin Walker (Gates)-25:07 (1992)...(8:25 S'Chase)

eq.28.John Sherban (S.B)-25:07 (1993)...(7:58,13:39,28:35)
30.Andy Holden (Tipton)-25:09 (1979)...(8:26 S'Chase,10k road 28:29)

30.Paul Taylor (Cope)-25:10 (1993)...(4:00,7:53,13:48,10k road 27:49)
eq.32.Nicky Lees (Derby)-25:11 (1979)...(13:33,28:18)
eq.32.Andy Armitage (Charn)-25:11 (1981)...(13:35)
eq.32.Mark Hudspith (Morp)-25:11 (1991)...(7:58,13:49,28:43,2:11:58)
This superb shot of the 1991 National XC held at Luton shows many athletes who feature on the 12-stage 'all-time' lists. From L. to R. is 3 times National XC Champion Dave Lewis, 13:57 'short stager' and 28:00 10,000m runner Billy Dee, 24:50 'Long stager' Richard Nerurkar, 25:18 'long leg' man Simon Mugglestone, 25:37 'long stager' Steve Tunstall and finally 25:26 man Martin McCloughlin. The final race positions of these athletes in the '91 National' were, again from L. to R.-2nd, 14th, 1st, 6th, 5th & 3rd respectively. Incidentally the obscurred athlete who's head is only visible in the centre of shot is Warrington's 25:28 performer Sam Carey, and also obscurred half hidden behind Tunstall is Morpeth Marathon man Mark Hudspith, who also held a fast 25:11 'long stage' best, just proving the quality of all of these men.

35.Chris Sweeney (Tipton)-25:12(1996)...(13:43,28:44)
eq.36.Geoff Smith (L'Pool)-25:13 (1979)...(3:55,7:52,13;22,27:43,10k Road 28:06,61:39,2:09:08)

eq.36.Phil Wicks (Bel)-25:13 (2009)...(28:54,62:51)
38.Nigel Adams (Swansea)-25:16 (1991)...(46:21,61:53)
eq.39.Ged Davey (Sale)-25:17 (1993)...(13:44 short stage)

eq.39.Steve Emson (Tipton)-25:17 (1980)...(3:58,7:52,13:28,28:34)

eq.39.Alan Rushmer (Tipton)-25:17 (1974)...(3:58,13:29,28:37)
eq.39.Kevin Steere (Camb)-25:17 (1977)...(8:05/U20,8:15/U17-UK No.2 all-time)

eq.43.John Davies (TVH)-25:18 (1978)...(7:53,13:39,28:18,8:22 S'Chase)

eq.43.Simon Mugglestone (W'bury)-25:18 (1990)...(3:58,7:47,13:28,10kR 28:51)

Centre of shot (No.14) is Westbury's 25:18 'long stager' Simon Mugglestone. 'Muggsy' is pictured here racing the Gateshead International 5KM against fast men Rob Denmark (No.5), Ireland's Frank O'Mara (No.29), Eamonn Martin (No.3) and right of shot Dave lewis (No.1).
eq.43.Noel Berkley (Lon. Irish)-25:18 (1993)...1992 Irish Olympian (27:55)

eq.46.Peter Tootell (Stret)-25:21 (1989)...(13:41,28:26,5MR22:56,10KR28:19)
eq.46.D. James (Card)-25:21 (1981)...(7:46,13:33)
eq.46.Chris Davies (Telford)-25:21 (2005)...(7:55,13:38,10kR28:37, also ran 25:18,25:16 & 25:02 in2003,2005,2004 Midland 12-stages respectively.)

Chris Davies pictured above (No.559) in the European 'Trial' races in 2003 where he qualified for the Championships alongside two National XC Champion's Pete Riley (centre of shot) & Glynn Tromans (No.552)

eq.46.Jean Ndayisenga (B'Field)-25:21 (2007)...(10kR29:06,63:52)

50.Roger Hackney (AFD)-25:22 (1982)...(3:58,7:49,13:44,8:18 S'Chase,5KR13:40,10KR28:00,46:41,62:36)

eq.51.John Graham (B'Field)-25:23 (1982)...(8:39 S'Chase,63:55,2:09:28)

eq.51.Keith Anderson (Bing)-25:23 (1994)...(5KR13:48,48:16,2:17:08(V40)
eq.53.Richard Partridge (AFD)-25:24 (1991)...(13:49,29:05)
eq.53.Dave Taylor (B'Heath)-25:24 (1994)...(7:57,13:44,29:00,2:13:27)
eq.55.Mark Dalloway (Stour)-25:25 (1988)...(28:09)

Left of shot (No.284) is prolific Birmingham League XC race winner Mark Dalloway who held a 'long stage' best of 25:25. The Stourport man also finished 36th in the 1992 World Cross at Boston and was a 28:09 10,000m runner. He is pictured tracking Tipton Harrier and 2:13 marathoner Mark Burnhope, who was himself a 25:53 'long stager'. In the background is 2:09 marathoner Tony Milovsorov who also boasted a 24:59 performance around Sutton Park.
eq.55.Larry Matthews (Sal)-25:25(1991)...(8:02,28:53)
eq.57.Davis (Tipton)-25:26 (1980)

eq.57.Charlie Spedding (Gates)-25:26 (1977)...(7:54,13:28,28:08,2:08:33)

Charlie Spedding (No.1) pictured alongside Steve Jones (No.2) in the 1985 London Marathon. Both athletes were winners of the 'London' with best Marathon times of 2:07 and 2:08 respectively. Both also figure on the 12-stage 'All-time' list with Jones registering a 24:53 & Spedding 25:26 at best.
eq.57.Martin McLoughlin (L.Pemb)-25:26 (1994)...(28:15,62:45)
eq.57.David Burke (Lon.Irish)-25:26 (1994)

eq.61.Neil Tennant (Lut)-25:27 (1989)...(5MR22:48,62:39)
eq.61.Andy Wilton (Tipton)-25:27 (1988)...(13:58,8KR22:25,28:59)

eq.61.Chris Thompson (AFD)-25:27 (2004)...(7:43,13:11'27:27,5KR13:46,10KR28:02,61:00
eq.61.Mo Farah (NEB)-25:27 (2006)...(3:33,7:34i,12:53,26:46,5KR13:30,10KR27:44,60:23)
eq.65.Sam Carey (Warr)-25:28 (1993)...(2:13:54)
eq.65.Ray Smedley (B'Field)-25:28 (1979)...(3:38,3:57,7:49,13:35,28:24,2:14:45)
eq.65.Ian Cornford (S.B)-25:28 (1991)...(29:08)
eq.65. Dewi Griffith's (Swansea)-25:28 (2016)...(13:53,28:34,10k 29:17,64:10)
eq.69. Mike Baxter (Leeds A.C)-25:29(1974)...(7:54,13:35,28:16)

eq.69.Glenn Stewart (Mizuno R.C)-25:29 (1996)...(1:49,3:38,7:55,13:37,28:40)

eq.71.Slocombe (Card)-25:30 (1979)...(1977 World X/C representative)
eq.71.Chris Buckley (W'Bury)-25:30 (1982)...(13:41,2:15:48)

eq.71.Carl Udall (Omega)-25:30 (1992)...(13:57,28:48)

Chris Buckley shown battleing in the 1992 Mike Sully XC with Kenyan 13:12 5000m man John Kipkoskei. The Westbury Midland XC Champion fought all the way to the line to finish just 3 seconds down on the Kenyan showing why he could post times of 25 and a half minutes around Sutton Park. Indeed, buckley held an outright best of 25:21 which he achieved in the Midland relays earning him the day's fastest split.

After the 2012 Championship's there are 72 ''25:30 or faster'' athletes on the 'long stage' course. As you can see they have all been formidable athletes with fast p.b's to back their Sutton Park National 12-stage marks up.
Another good shot taken at the AAA 10K road Race at Cheltenham in 2001 with the lead group headed by 24:58 'long stage' man Paul Evans (No.144) followed by Ethiopian born Belgrave harrier and 25:50 man Kassa Tadessa, Martin Palmer of Westbury Harriers, No.26 Rob Denmark with a 24:30 time is ranked 3rd 'all-time', in the Black vest 25:51 man Nick Jones, yellow vested 26:06 'long stager' and 2:12 Marthoner Danny Robinson and finally No.73, South African born Shaftesbury Barnet Harrier Emile De Jonge who finished 2nd in the 2002 National XC and is a 26:09 long stager for his Southern club.

Now we move onto the 'Short leg' heroes of the 12-stage covering all athletes who have achieved a 14:00 performance or under...

'All-Time' Short stage rankings up to 14:00....

1. Chris Davies (Telford)-13:23 (2004)
Number one 'short stage' man Chris Davies (11) is pictured rubbing shoulders with the greatest Distance runner of all time, Haile Gebreselassie in the Manchester 10k where he took the notable scalps of Olympic Marathon Champion Stafano Baldini and Commonwealth 10,000m Champion Wilberforce Talel to run a fast 28:37. Davies's amazing short stage record was set in 2004 knocking a massive 10 seconds from Rob Denmark's previous record, although it must be noted that Paul Davies-Hale had held the previous 'outright' course record of 13:30 which he had set in the Midlands relays rather than the National 12-stage. Davies also set the still standing National 6-stage record of 16:25 for the 3.67 mile stage in 2003, which he regards as a superior performance than his 'short stage' best. Both records are fantastic times and stand above many marks set by World class athletes, just showing how Davies could raise his game to match the very best & what a truely superb runner the 'Telford tornado' was around a lap of Sutton Park.

2. Rob Denmark (basildon)-13:33 (1992)
3. Barry Smith (Gateshead)-13:36 (1980)
4. Brendan Foster (Gateshead)-13:37 (1976)
eq.5. Nick McCormick (Morpeth)-13:39 (2007) & Andy Baddeley (Harrow)-13:39 (2009)
McCormick (left) & Baddeley (right) share 5th spot amongst 'Short stage' masters at 13 minutes and 39 seconds...(which equates to 4:33 miling!)

eq.7. Ian Hamer (Swansea)-13:40 (1992) & Justin Hobbs (Cardiff)-13:40 (1994)
9. Kevin McCluskey (Copeland)-13:41 (1993)
eq.10. Paul O'Callaghan (W&B)-13:44 (1986)/ Ged Davey (Sale)-13:44 (1995)/ Darrius Burrows (B'fied)-13:44 (1996)/ Jon Solly (Bingley)-13:44 (1996)/ Adrian Passey (B&R)-13:44 (1999)
eq.15. Dave Heath (B'Heath)-13:47 (1999) & Chris Thompson (AFD)-13:47 (2003)
Pictured below (left of shot-339) is equal 15th ranked Chris Thompson, on his way to a fast 27:27 10,000m in 2011. The former AFD athlete, now residing in the US ran to the Silver in the 2010 European Champs behin Mo Farah, and is also a 13:11 5000m man.

eq.17. Rich Hollingsworth (Notts)-13:49 (1992)/ Darren Mead (Belgrave)-13:49 (1994)/ Rob Whalley (Stoke)-13:49 (1998)/ Mark Miles (Belgrave)-13:49 (1999)
eq.21. John Mayock (C&S)-13:50 (1997) & I. Stewart (Invicta)-13:50 (1980)
eq.23. Alan Salter (B'field)-13:51 (1982)/ Mick Hawkins (Bing)-13:51 (1988) & Paul Taylor (Border)-13:51 (1996)
eq.26. Stefan White (Cov God)-13:52 (1996) & Chris Livesey (Prest)-13:52 (2003) 
eq.28. Julius Kimtai (Tipton)-13:54 (2000) & Ray Smedley (B'field)-13:54 (1978)

eq.30. Simon Mugglestone (W'bury)-13:55 (1987)/ Spencer Newport (B'Heath)-13:55 (1995)/ Frank Tickner (Wells)-13:55 (2008)
eq.33. Steve Emson (W&B)-13:56 (1988)/ Mike Openshaw (Ch-Le-St)-13:56 (2000)
eq.35. James Espir (S.B)-13:57 (1980)/ Nick Peach (Sale)-13:57 (1986)/ Billy Dee (Luton)-13:57 (1987) Jonny Taylor (Morpeth)-13:57 (2009)

eq.39. Nick Hopkins (Box)-13:58 (1995) & Tony Whiteman (S.B)-13:58 (2000)
eq.41. Mike O'Rielly (High)-13:59 (1984)/ Ian Manners(High)-13:59 (1989)/ Craig Mochrie (L.Corit's)-13:59 (1993)/ Brian Rushworth (Sund)-13:59 (1987)/ Nick Francis (L.Corit's)-13:59 (1996)/ Rob Harrison (B'field)-13:59 (1988)
eq.47. Seb Coe (H'gay)-14:00 (1984)/ Bashir Hussain (S'port)-14:00 (1991)/ Dave Tune (Roth)-14:00 (1996)/ Ross Murray (Gates)-14:00 (2012)

Pictured left is 14:00 man, Seb Coe, who you may have heard of!!! & above right (1283) is 13:58 'Short stager' Anthony Whiteman, who was also a 3:32 1500m performer. Now just turned 40 years old (Dec 2011), the Shaftesbury runner is aiming to become the first 'sub 4 minute miler' outdoors as a veteran athlete.

As we can see Ross Murray's 2012 run ranks him just inside the top 50 of all time around the famous 3 mile 'Short leg' loop rounding off the 14 Minute men nicely. It must be noted that Chris Davies's mighty run of 13:23 is a ferocious 4:27 per mile, a quicker pace than Moorcroft set over the long stage although obviously over a shorter distance. A 14:00 run equates to 4:40 miling which if kept going around the long stage would bring the athlete home in 25:25...