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I have tried keep the contents of 'Pike Racers' as accurate as possible from information found from sources shown on the previous page 'credits and acknowledgments'. A large amount of statistics and factual detail has been 'dug up' from the contents burried deep in my 'athletics memory', and so there may be a few facts that are not quite 100%. Most of the earlier Rivington Pike results have been obtained from Pete Watson's brilliant book 'Rivington Pike History And Fell Race', but unfortunately the book only shows the first 3 finishers from each year, and so it is possible that a few athletes may be missing from my 'all-time' lists. This is the reason I have 'cut off' at 17:20 & 22:00, fearing if I went any further, great numbers of athletes would be missed who may have finished as high as 4th in any race in a fast time. If anyone spots any names they know who should be on the lists then I'd be extremely grateful to know, so please just drop me an e.mail by clicking on the link below!

If you spot any incorrect facts, or indeed have any comments at all regarding '' I'd be more than happy to hear from you, so feel free to 'Click here to email me!'. In the mean time I wish you all every success in your running, and maybe 'Pike Racing!'

Also, please read on over the next few pages to view my 'Lantern Pike Fell Race' page, along with some new pages detailing parts of my own running career , which you may be interested in taking a look at to find out more about me...(I've got a bit carried away on my website, I can't stop adding to it!!...Well, might as well use the available web-space allocated ey!?!)