Without the reference to many sources of vital information, 'Pike Racers' would not have been possible to even think about publishing as a website. Here are just a few sources I used along the way, to add to the stats and knowledge (most of it useless!) rolling around in my head. 

Special thanks must go to Pete Watson, the author of the 2001 book 'The Rivington Pike History and Fell Race'. This superb book has been the main source of race statistics while compiling both of my 'all time' lists, and has also provided some greats photos to illustrate the atmoshere of the Rivington Pike fell race. I am also Indebted to 'Sports-soft race results' along with Horwich RMI's website who have both provided me with vital information and results.'The Power of 10' has also been a useful source for younger athlete's personal best times. 'Athletics weekly's' and 'The Runner' magazines have been referred to, both 'old' and 'new' versions for information about the 'older' generation of 'pike racers', and indeed the up and coming youngsters of our sport.

Finding some great photos to use on my site has been made all the easier with the use of the internet. There are now some superb photographers out there who dedicate each weekend to capturing fantastic images of us doing the sport we love. Special mention must go to Dave & Eileen Woodhead who along with organising numerous top draw Fell races are also pretty handy photographers who I have sourced for several shots on my website. Their superb site (I'm sure most of you will already know) can be found at www.woodentops.org.uk and it contains copious amounts of brilliant fell running images from the past few years, along with some 'Classic' fell running shots that shouldn't be missed!!

Other photographic sources that I must mention were obtained form former International 10,000m runner (a 27:47 athlete!!) Adrian Royle, who's superb action shots covering the top cross country races around the UK shouldn't be missed. His brilliant photographic work can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/adiroyle/ and while we're on the subject, just 'google' Adrian Royle's name if you don't already know what he's achieved as a runner. I must admit, even being the Statto that I am, Adrian was off my radar when talking about our top endurance athletes until recently, when I delved deeper into the British 'all-time' lists where he features prominently, most noteably in the 10,000m lists where his 27:47 time from 1982 as a 23 year old still ranks him 16th Brit all time!! He's not a bad photographer either!

There are several other photographic referrences I have used throughout the site, such as some of the great photos I have purchased from Steve Bateson - www.runningpix.co.uk along with masses of Athletics Weekly's photographer, Mark Shearman's work and also countless Athletics websites I have scanned to find many great shots of athletes that have all gone towards making Pikeracers.com a much more interesting and colourful website. A big ''Thankyou'' to you all!!

I must also mention Matt Ward's superb website on all things about running, and in particular our passion of off road/fell running. No doubt you will have already come across it, but if you haven't you must take a look, so just click here on www.mudsweatandtears.co.uk. Enjoy!!

Finally, I would also like to dedicate this website to the late Bill Smith who tragically died in October 2011, aged only 75. Although I only met Bill on a couple of occasions, he left a long lasting impression with me of his enthusiasm and zest for the sport. Bill approached me with an envelope containing some great shots he had taken of me whilst racing, with a few from Rivington Pike itself. The envelope even contained a note, where he appologised for the quality of the prints, where there was no need to whatsoever, they were great! He seemed such a generous man and extremely encouraging and kind natured, and his note just emphasised Bill's generosity which will be missed within the sport of fell running immensely. I hope that he would have liked the website, as we all know he was an avid fan of the Rivington Pike race.


Bill is pictured here showing his descending skills wearing his beloved 'Clayton Harriers' vest.

I hope that my website has been enjoyable to look at and read and has achieved being a 'tribute' to all of the 'Pike Racers' mentioned throughout. More importantly, I hope it may inspire more people to take part in this superb race with such a rich history, and help 'spark' some new talent into trying this 'magical' race.