Most of the best Rivington 'Pike Racers' have achieved International selection for their given countries. This page is a 'tribute to the very finest' performances, the 'Pinnacles' of male and female 'Pike Racers'.

Each and every one of the 36 'Pike Racers' who have made the mens 'all tme' list have won International honours during their athletic careers. Many of the leading ladies performers have also reached International status during their illustrious careers.

Proudly representing their Home Countries teams or collective nations teams of Great Britain, they have achieved many great successes in World Trophy and Championship races, European championships, International and World X-C's and even Commonwealth, European and Olympic Games. The 'Great Britain' vest has been proudly worn by many 'Pike Racers' over the years, where they have won many medals, titles and accolades along the way...As a collective group the best 'Pike Racers' have achieved ultimate International success between them, from Carol Haigh's World Mountain Gold in 1987, to Ron Hill's Commonwealth and European Golds in the Marathon. With many more superb International performances to their names, the 'Pike racers' community have truely shone at the very highest athletic levels.